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Paper qualifications don’t make leaders

ZIMBABWE is in this crisis because of lack of vision by its rulers. Zanu PF leaders have demonstrated they are only interested in personal gains and wealth.


t prices of everything are going up daily, the salaries and wages of ordinary workers are stagnant. When the black market seems to be becoming the recognised way of doing business, people should question those who make policies.

Government officials are the ones running and controlling the black market.

The rule of law is expected to be upheld by every citizen, yet government officials make and break their own laws while they avoid paying taxes and rates. Why should people continue to buy expensive fuel when government officials and their relatives are running Noczim?

It shows that Zanu PF is run by people with eyes, yet they cannot see and lack vision. Any organisation that does not have a Zanu PF official in it or a Mugabe relative is seen as an enemy of the state.

There are enough resources and ways of doing business around the world that Zimbabwe should not lag behind in development terms. Zimbabwe will go ahead with or without Zanu PF or Mugabe for it was doing well until they came on board. Mugabe should not expect an exit package from anyone but Zanu PF.

Zanu PF fought the war, but it has also destroyed the economy. Mugabe may have read a lot of books but seems to have omitted the most important areas in history about African dictators’ failures. It takes a sensible man to know enough is enough. One can overstay one’s welcome, just like Mugabe is doing.

The MDC may be a young political party, but as long as they remain true and sincere to the needs of the people they will go very far, irrespective of what Mugabe, Thabo Mbeki and Zanu PF say.

Paper qualifications are not necessarily a prerequisite for good leadership. The Zimbabwean government appears to be the worst performer in the region despite having numerous doctors in various key positions. Even poor Eritrea has more fuel and foreign currency than Zimbabwe. Mozambique, which used to be the laughing stock of the region, is now laughing at Zimbabwe.

Time is up for Zimbabwe to move forward. The white farmers who moved to Zambia are now exporting maize to Zimbabwe. They are still earning a living from this country and still getting paid in foreign currency. The foreign currency which was supposed to come to Zimbabwe is now going to Zambia. Zanu PF cronies who took over the farms are losing out to experienced white farmers when it comes to exports to the European markets.

The point is that Mugabe and his Zanu PF messed up but are too arrogant to admit their failures. Unfortunately greed cannot make up for lack of experience. What people want is to be able to live in peace and mind their own business without interference from Zanu PF politicians who want to control everything including what people eat in their own homes. Zanu PF has become too drunk with power to know when it is time to stop.

N Kainga,


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