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Nathaniel Manheru needs therapy

THANK you once again for a very entertaining column, courtesy of Newzimbabwe.Com.

I am sure that the rumour that you ar

e really Mafikizolo Moyo in sheep’s clothing is just another racist, colonialist lie propagated no doubt by white farmers, John Howard, George Bush, Tony Blair and renegade former Selous Scouts.

The reason I say this is because your use of English is atrocious, though I recognise it’s your second language.

Surely how could a real professor speak the language like a native?

But I digress.

What particularly strikes me about your attempts at writing is that they so classically demonstrate the psychological phenomenon commonly known as projection. Assuming you are not really a professor and are therefore ignorant of the term, let me explain.

Projection occurs when one’s own character and psychological hang-ups completely obscure rational judgement. The afflicted person projects his/her own distorted values onto others. Thus, dishonest people see all others as dishonest regardless of the facts.

Similarly, those obsessed with race believe all others to be similarly obsessed, and that all their actions are coloured (to coin a phrase) by this obsession.

The saddest aspect of this condition is that those whom it afflicts are unable to see it. It has to be pointed out to them by a therapist or caring friend. I hope you will let me be that caring friend?

Have a happy day.



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