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Look at history Mr Magora

WHILST I agree totally with Denford Magora’s criticism of the stupidity and gullibility of the Reverend Edmond Lockyear, (Independent, September 12), I would have to question one of his statement


Magora states that: “God has never let innocent people suffer for something that is not their fault.”

Quite apart from the theological question as to whether God intervenes in all earthly matters, Magora’s statement does not stand up to the evidence of history.

It may well be that Magora does not blame God for man’s inhumanity to man, but he must surely concede that throughout history many of the victims of such inhumanity have been “innocent” ones.

Are, for example, all the millions of victims of Zanu PF’s inhumanity “guilty”? If so, of what are they guilty?

Hopefully the correspondence on the subject of the foolish Reverend Lockyear has at least warned other potential victims and can now finally be laid to rest.

Everett Scott,


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