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Is Econet ‘inspired’ to rip off?

I HAVE been wondering whether I have a case or not against Econet. Normally, I would wait and hope things will improve, but I am feeling really ripped off right now!

if”>Firstly, new call rates were announced by Econet where subscribers are charged for the first three minutes no matter how long the call was. This means a 10-second call costs the same as a 2-minute call. Fine, I think these measures were introduced to stop people from making unnecessarily short calls that congest the network and I think it worked for a while, but now the nightmare is back again.

Now, on paying for the first three minutes regardless of the duration of my call, I guess I have no choice. What gets to me is the fact that these days I need to make at least four calls to the same person before we can say anything meaningful to each other.

I call a person and soon after greetings, the call is dropped and my phone will record on the screen: “network busy”. I try again and while we are still complaining to each other about the service, the phone cuts again. The other person then tries to call me and if they are also on Econet, we go through the same process again.

As you can see, Econet has by now billed for 12 minutes but we have talked for less than a minute. Now is this not a rip off?

It is Econet that came up with the billing system and therefore it is only fair that they make sure I get what I am paying for.

Econet may argue that the network is congested or that there are now more subscribers than they had anticipated. Well, who touts the catch phrase of being “Inspired to change your world”?

If Econet is so inspired, why was the congestion not anticipated and therefore averted? When the network is so congested, why does Econet not change the billing system until they have their house in order?

What I want to know is whether there is legal recourse, because I do not see the sense of forcing me to pay for three minutes of talking time after I have used one minute, and then not create the enabling environment?

There is something wrong here and Econet needs to correct that. Let us not sing about being images of the truly inspired when we cannot live up to those standards, otherwise we will think that Econet is “inspired to rip off”.

Peter Chiware,


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