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Ignore them and their spouses

WE are all very much aware that the majority of security force personnel are prone to using excessive force or even torture in their dealings with their paymasters, the taxpayers.

tica, sans-serif”>Most no doubt also take the opportunity to vent their own frustration caused by the economic dilemma that we are all having to endure.

Whatever, this requires some form of retaliation, not an eye-for-an-eye, but by simpler more effective means – by sending them to Coventry!

I believe I’m right in saying that most security personnel reside in residential areas and are known as such to their neighbours. If everyone stop stalking to them and their spouses, they will soon get the message and if they don’t change their ways for the better, their lives will become most uncomfortable.

There are, of course, some professionals left within the services and it’s unfortunate that they will have to suffer in the process.

M Leppard,


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