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Highway robbery on buses

ON Wednesday July 2 I was travelling on a Zupco bus from Chikomba via Wedza to Harare. At about 11.00am we were stopped at a police roadblock some two or three km before Chitungwiza. What then transpired is clear testimony of the abuse of

innocent members of the public by a regime that has lost the right to govern.

The bus conductor apparently knew what the police manning the roadblock wanted. As soon as the bus stopped, he shouted: “Vese vane chibage padenga itayi mudeme mudeme tipe mapurisa aya anenzara (All those with packets of maize on the rack of the bus please contribute some money to give to these police as they are hungry)”.

The call was repeated two or three times. Meanwhile, one of the policemen was making threats to get everyone out of the bus so they could establish which passengers were responsible for this “heinous crime” of bringing their own maize into town.

The owners of the maize reluctantly started to dig into their pockets and wallets. After a short while, about $1 000 or so had been collected by the conductor who then handed it over to one of the policemen. The bus was then allowed to proceed to Chitungwiza.

The Zanu PF government has instituted policies that are starving the nation to death. When people protest, they bring in the police to beat and teargas them. When people seek to make ends meet (by feeding their families with their own maize from rural areas), they are forced to bribe a partisan and corrupt police force.

Who is going to clean up the mess? Definitely not the current regime.

Fed Up,


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