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Heartbroken as Africa sinks

IS Africa a power market place for the West and African dictators? I never missed a single day’s newspaper in Harare during the time I was last there. It was the run-up for the UN post of secreta

ry-general by the late Bernard Chidzero and later Kofi Annan.

In my mind I foresaw changes in Africa if we had our own representatives in the world organisation. Today, I am wondering what hit us and why? I am heartbroken and helpless as I watch Africa sinking.

The forces behind the UN are the Western powers. Why do they delay to intervene when African nations are involved in wars? Who is the mastermind behind civil unrest in Africa?

Why is African politics so dirty and so evil? Is it that we are a failure as a race? If President Mugabe were not so cruel people say he could lead Africans out of their slavery. Why? Because some people think he is intelligent.

Instead, he has joined the rest of African leaders to enslave his own people. He is a man with the hardest heart I have ever known in my life.

May the living God deal with him, Thabo Mbeki, and Olusegun Obasanjo and Western leaders who want to divide Africa.

Crying Citizen,


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