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Chombo leave councillors alone

THE city of Harare is again about to enter the Solomon Tawengwa dispensation era where stagnant growth was the salient feature.

Central government is busy politic

king municipal issues. Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Ignatius Chombo has dismally failed to come up with sustainable solutions in his interference with the municipality.

Residents and ratepayers of this city yearn and expect to see developmental changes.

Changes that could make businesses expand and create employment for many suffering individuals.

A healthy environment which guarantees quality life.

Residents of Harare are tired of continuous bungling in local government circles.

The swiftness with which executive mayor Elias Mudzuri was suspended should have been matched by the speed of the new commission in telling us the residents who voted for the “corrupt” mayor of his maladministration.

The minister seems unmoved by not telling us, who employ the mayor and councilors, about the fate of our number one resident. I demand from the minister that in as much as he wants transparency and accountability at Town House, he should be equally transparent with Harare residents.

We need clean water/air;

We need passable roads;

We need social amenities, which are now in a deplorable state;

We need business investment;

We need a properly administered council by elected representatives, not the present situation where the council is run under a barrage of ministerial directives.

Residents and ratepayers of Harare, let us claim our development space! Please note that this letter is written in my personal capacity as a Harare resident. Harare is on fire.

Israel T Mabhoo,

CHRA vice-chairperson.

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