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Call is ringing for the youth

Call is ringing for the youth

MY heart goes out to Wilf Mbanga, Geoff Nyarota and all the other pioneers of the great publication, the Daily News which was loved, read and had become part of the daily liv

es of many. My heart goes out too to the journalists who stand to lose their jobs, and bread for their families. Most of all I feel greatly for all true lovers of freedom and justice within Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora as we mark the escalation of Zanu PF’s assault on people’s right to self-determination.

Zimbabwe remains entangled in crisis after crisis. Aids crisis. Cash crisis. Fuel crisis. Food crisis. Higher education crisis. Governance crisis. Crisis crisis. The nation is engulfed by depression and the violent seizure of one of the few outlets of the people’s frustrations must surely lead to the boiling over of pent-up emotions.

They did it to Capital Radio and we all stood aside and looked. They bombed the VOP and ostracised its workers and we remained quiet.

Then they switched off JOY-TV, harrased and deported Mercedes Sayagues and lately Andrew Meldrum and still we did not notice the covert but devious machinations aimed at silencing the people’s voice of dissent.

Now their guns are cocked and aimed at the Standard and the Zimbabwe Independent. History though is littered with examples of how nations turn to the youth in times of crisis. The liberation struggle here was carried on the shoulders of young people, as it was in South Africa. Fidel Castro and Ché, Mao Tse-tung and even contemporary revolutions like the one in Indonesia have seen youths and students take the mantle to free their people.

In the Old Testament, the Bible shows clearly that in times of crisis God turns to the youth as was the case when He called on Moses to lead His people from Egypt. Prophets like Jeremiah, Daniel and Samuel and great men like David and Samson were called by God, by name to deliver His people from both political and spiritual bondage.

The same call must ring in the ears of every young Zimbabwean under the sun to stand up and be involved in organising for a better Zimbabwe now. From Mbare, Warren Park, Highfield, Mbizo, Rimuka, Sakubva, Mpopoma, Mucheke, Zengeza etc, young people must conquer fear and work for their future if ever there is going to be such. Zinasu, ZSCM, YMCA, YWCA, church youths and all other countless youth movements must move up a gear in their quest for justice, peace and healing and provide the engine for mass-mobilisation, because when push comes to shove it’s a game of numbers.

We cannot afford to be remembered as the generation without heroes. The generation that failed the country.

As we remember one hero of our generation, Learnmore Judah Jongwe on October 22, let’s all stand up to defend the little dignity we have left. Let us stand up to Zanu PF, to the partisan police, to our rural brothers – the Green Bombers, to Johno, Mahoso and the MIC-assassins of the free press at Mkoba, UZ and wherever their places of work are (thanks for publishing their names!). As we remember Judah Jongwe and many others who died or were driven from their homes in the line of duty for freedom from hunger, violence and Zanu PF let us gather in our twos and fours, organise, mobilise and stand up for press freedom for soon there shall be noone left to say our story.

May God help us all.

MG Zakeyo,


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