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Beware of fake revolutionaries

BEWARE, sons and daughters of the soil, of fake revolutionaries who will rise amongst you from time to time. They may lead you along roads of fake socialism that will be followed by fake programmes of economic re-adjustment.

As your eyes open to the truth, you will be force-marched into fake elections that present to you and the world a fake president.

Fake handshakes of reconciliation will be withdrawn and replaced by hard fists. By day, your woes will be blamed on fake enemies in distant lands.

By night, those of you with eyes open will be called the real enemies and beaten. There will be weeping and wailing throughout your land and many of your children will be driven into exile.

In the meantime, you will feel the effects of a dysfunctional economy overseen by a cabinet that features fake ministers not voted into office by anyone. There will be fake land redistribution and economic empowerment initiatives that will give to the few in the name of many.

Fake fields full of maize stalks will be reported on and result in hunger and starvation. There will be fake controlled prices and a currency backed by fake exchange rates.

Your currency will have a fake value with some notes worth less than the paper they are printed on. There will be incessant dissemination of fake information amongst you by a court jester who will perform somersaults whilst singing that daytime is night, north is south and left is right.

Sons and daughters of the soil, seek ye first true freedom within before you walk the path of false freedom without, and all else will be delivered unto you.

The Prophet,


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