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Zim a sad cause of self-pity

ZIMBABWE is a sad African tale and a cause of self-pity to many of us driven by poverty to this damp north-western European island called Britain and many other parts of the world.

etica, sans-serif”>Constantly we read of proposals and measures by government and the Zanu PF party that only indicate their resolve to criminalise freedom and outlaw democratic discourse in a country that desperately needs to reflect on itself and listen to its people.

The people of Zimbabwe like many elsewhere the world over, need a government that does not make the life of its citizens a life-long terminal condition. There is no need or justification for the suffering for which our country has made headlines. We need to rethink and put before ourselves the reality of the quality of lives we have condemned our people to and do what is right and just.

Britain, America and even South Africa do not matter much in this honest discourse.

We must be honest and look around and see what has become of our once self-sufficient country. We had the labour, the minerals and the land but we are today the bad workman at war with his tools.

Our young teachers and doctors have been chased away by appalling working conditions and unrealistic remuneration; our minerals lie unprofitably under-utilised because of poor research and too much emotion where reason and caution needed to be employed.

Our parliament today sits to formulate laws that isolate us in the wrap of continuing tyranny. All these laws are unnecessary and only worsen our conditions of living. Without honesty, free speech and the right to tell any incumbent government what our problems are as individuals or groups which the laws to come will criminalise, we are no better than zygotes surviving by luck and instinct.

If something is wrong, it is not right and it must be said to whoever has the duty to do the right thing whom the people have trusted with that responsibility be it a president, minister or councillor. Lies and human worshipping are not just sins or against the Bible, but are also in the long-run a cause for strife and conflict.

Take for example the farms ministers gave to themselves and their relatives which no one will let them have peaceful use of or possession once this government is out of power. Everyone knows these farms will be repossessed by us who did not benefit from this partisan scheme and given to ordinary people with farming ambitions in a national, irreversible, transparent reorganising programme meant to enhance the participation of black Africans in an area of economic activity successive colonial governments with the help of Britain (by not intervening and appealing for just access to wealth or means to it) had kept in racist fashion as the preserve of white-skinned minority communities.

Zimbabwe needs to look itself in the mirror and come clean about its destiny. No one will sit back and be subdued to believe that it is right to be treated as many of our countrymen are. It may take years to remove the yoke of oppression with all its notorious justifications from our necks but we are never going to sit still and be taken to the knackers yard singing and sloganeering to a perilous end as Animal Farm’s Napoleon.

Joyce Mujuru must ring sense and work with people who oppose Zanu PF like myself for its policies’ only results are a suffering nation. We in the opposition want to talk to Zanu PF and sort the mess out in our country until we are in agreement. We cannot oppose what is right, can we?

Courage Shumba,


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