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Zanu against natural justice

ZIMBABWE is in a mess. No one has a solution. Everything is at meltdown. The citizens need not pray anymore. The people in power should pray that God stops them from doing the things that have damaged what was once a thriving country.

It is sometimes wise to analyse one’s faults. We are all the poorer for Zanu PF ideas, even those who have more because they have pillaged and stolen. The renaissance is long overdue – the politics of race should be banned.

We have all suffered more under our own black brothers than under white rule. Open the ballot boxes and see people vote for freedom, jobs, education, better lifestyles etc. On all these Zanu PF has failed and yet the leadership is still jealous of the very people it despises in the West. Look at their clothes, cars, attitudes etc and you will see who the real colonised brigade are.

The solution now is to fight these people and ensure their early exit to South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Libya, Malaysia and make sure those countries who collaborated with the government do not expect future leaders to settle the accumulating debts the government is being encouraged to incur, especially by Libya and South Africa.

It’s time for the MDC to be steadfast and go for a winner takes all mentality. They should not fraternise with Zanu PF as the party does not believe that anyone else has a mandate to rule Zimbabwe. That view has also been supported by the oppressive agents of the state – the army, airforce, police etc.

For the West to honour police commissioner Augustine Chihuri is the final insult. All can see it – no petrol, no electricity, scarce commodities on the black market and the beneficiaries are Zanu PF owners of banks, seized land, service stations, food distribution services, parallel market money changers etc.

Let those who have eyes see and act. We have nothing to lose but our humanity.

A deal that would allow a candidate who failed to win a seat at an election to become interim president will fly against all democratic concepts. Let’s have one man one vote.

I always refer to Zanu because I believe Zapu and other parties should reject the Zanu-created hegemony as it acts against individual freedoms of expression and natural justice.

Pray for Guidance,


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