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The words of a tyrant

AT every opportunity, and especially at “heroes” funerals, Robert Mugabe says he wants to rid the country and its people of colonialism, mark you, after having done nothing for 20 years. We need to understand exactly what he means.

The people who brought civilisation, education, Christianity and developed the country and its infrastructure to what he admitted was the jewel of Africa in 1980 when he assumed the reins of power are to be viewed as the tyrants. Read on!

This has ultimately gone to his head. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Lord Acton. What we need to understand when he says he wants to free the country and its people of colonialism and oppression, he really means he wants to control absolutely. Better described as a tyrant.

He and his war veterans and cronies want to be the new oppressors egged on by his junior minister, Jonathan Moyo. The word oppression is best defined as: “Dominance through threat of punishment and violence.”

Behind the Words,


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