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The real dirt we must get rid of

ON September 15, Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in commemorating the day for cleaning up the environment.

Aptly named Clean Up Zimbabwe Day, the campaign was aimed at raising awareness among communities on the importance o

f cleaning up and preserving their environs.

However, for most Zimbabweans this is the least of their worries. No one in their right mind can worry about a dirty environment when they do not have food and a decent place to call home.

We are wallowing in more worrying dirt than rubbish heaps at our street corners. The dirt we are more worried about is the garbage (corruption) which is rotting at Town House, the corruption that is rocking our economy. We need citizen participation to be able to eradicate this kind of dirt. Let us encourage citizens to help in the removal of institutionalised dirt. The list is endless of the real dirt that Zimbabwe must be rid of. Let us get our priorities right.

DA Chimhini,

Executive Director,Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust.

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