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The enemy in your sight

WHERE now Zimbabwe? There are reputedly four million Zimbabweans out of the country. Leaders are jostling for power and women are elevated mainly for political expediency.

ns-serif”>Good luck to everyone. We are now a more polarised and divided nation. We still are dominated by the executive and the ideological superstructure and state machinery. One man one vote is a slogan of the past.

The support from South African president Thabo Mbeki is unwavering but as sure as night follows day, the bubble will soon burst.

It’s folly that we blame the British for our predicament. Look around and see who is in a big car, who owns more than one house and more than one farm etc. That is the enemy in your sight!

The agenda to concentrate on is food production, education, health and everything will right itself.

African leaders should stay at home, live frugally and understand what is happening to their own people.

Unfortunately, whether one likes it or not, the problems have got worse after Independence.

The soldiers are sons of the soil and should be sent to the land instead of paying them to intimidate the population which does not agree with the dominant ideology.

I wish Mai Joyce Mujuru success and hope she will use her new position and gender to stop ill-treatment of women.

We need to value women everywhere. There should be the death sentence for rape as that is the only ultimate deterrent.

Still Hoping For Change.


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