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Thanks war vets, now it’s our turn

RECENT comments by Patrick Nyaruwata that they will mobilise war veterans to counter the mass action planned for next week shows the war veterans have lost direction and purpose. Whose and which sovereignty do they purport to be defending

when they have ruined a once prosperous economy by holding the country to ransom?

Zanu PF and its thugs and the misguided Green Bombers are trying to hold the whole country to ransom. But lest they forget, the independence of Zimbabwe came as a result of collective effort.

For Zimbabwe to be liberated, all stakeholders – the rural, the urban, the poor, the rich, the educated and the illiterate – were united under one cause. For the war vets to think that the same tactics used during the struggle can be used again today without the support of the masses is a joke.

The Iraqi information minister tried to fool the world into believing all was well when Saddam Hussein’s regime was collapsing.

Nyaruwata should know there are thousands of young Zimbabweans today ready to make the same sacrifice made by war veterans in the 1970s to bring us back the true democracy stolen from us. They are also willing to die for a worthy cause just as some of them have already been killed by the Mugabe regime.

We will not yield to your threats and indeed, your days are numbered. The signs are clear and the time has never been more opportune. Indeed this is the final push to axe the dictator.

Mugabe thinks of leadership qualities in terms of education, himself against Morgan Tsvangirai, yet he wants an illiterate Joseph Chinotimba to represent the people of Highfield in parliament.

What constructive idea can Chinotimba bring to any situation except to cash in on the confusion he has brought wherever he has been? Surely there is everything wrong with the politics of Zimbabwe, hence our need to bring about change.

We know Mugabe will not go down without a fight. Fight you will but down you are going. People will not accept anything short of victory.

We will keep the pressure on Mugabe and his cohorts and push them to the wall. Mugabe has nothing more to lose because he has lost everything already, including his dignity.

Final word to the war vets: thank you for liberating us from the whites, but as for liberating ourselves from the dictator, now it’s our turn.

Mukuru Mukuru,



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