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Strategy will backfire

THE divide-and-rule strategy being used by Zanu PF will work heavily against it.

Six provincial chairpersons were recently suspended for attending a meeting alleg

edly not sanctioned by the party’s top leadership, yet nothing has been done to the likes of Patrick Chinamasa and others who attended the same meeting.

Jonathan Moyo who organised the meeting, hiring a plane to ferry them, continues as Minister of Propaganda.

Besides those who attended that meeting, there are many other Zanu PF and government officials who openly campaigned for Moyo.

One such person is Dr Ignatious Chombo, who was captured by Newsnet openly campaigning for Moyo a few weeks before the meeting that came up with the Tsholotsho Declaration.

In a development that surprised me as I watched the news, Chombo bragged about Moyo’s high educational qualifications as he addressed the poor peasants, most of whom I could tell were not well-educated.

But nobody in the Zanu PF structures responsible for discipline ever talked about Chombo’s wayward behaviour.

It is my recollection that President Robert Mugabe declared that primary elections would be held first to choose candidates for various constituencies before anyone could claim candidature for any constituency. But there was Chombo, a homeboy of Mugabe, declaring Moyo the candidate for Tsholotsho before primary elections were held.

The failure to at least caution Chombo vindicates claims by many pro-democracy forces that Mugabe is a dictator. If he is not, he should treat his homeboy the same way as the six provincial chairpersons were treated.

Benjamin Chitate,


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