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Mugabe holds the keys, but can’t use them

RECENT addresses by President Mugabe have left me wondering if he has no other messages to communicate besides blaming the opposition and the Western countries for his woes.

sans-serif”>He blames everything and everyone except himself and a few praise-singers and sycophants.

The syndrome of blaming others and imaginary external forces has taken a stranglehold on his psyche. And because of this, attention has been deflected from his bungling and ruining of the economy and our lives.

We have however got to know better. Leaders worth their salt are identified through the performance of their countries’ economies. It all boils down to a question of economics.

Mugabe is ruling and ruining our future prospects with reckless abandon. His fiery hate speeches promote lawlessness and incite his supporters to unleash violence on their perceived political foes.

Mugabe holds the keys. He can end the political violence if he so wishes but sadly, he does not seem determined to. He should however realise the far-reaching implications of the power he wields and how his cowed supporters heed his calls to continue on their violent streak.

Milton Njuzu Mandaza,


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