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Mugabe erred

I WOULD like to comment on the appointment of Joyce Mujuru as the second vice-president of Zimbabwe.

I was surprised prior to the elections that President Mugabe

indicated that he preferred a woman vice-president.

I’m not a male chauvinist and do not oppose Mujuru’s appointment, but I’m questioning the events leading to the process. The president shouldn’t have influenced the voting pattern as this defeats all the democratic processes that we so labour to achieve.

I personally think Mujuru got some help from Mugabe’s utterances. After the president has made known his preference, those that oppose would be seen as dissidents.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo is a good example after he tried in vain to push for Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election. This exposes the kind of insensitive leadership that leads us. I wonder what would have been the outcome had President Mugabe not instilled fear in the voters.

The electorate should be allowed to make its own choices and no one should make it to parliament through appointment.

Edmore Kwaramba,


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