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Mbeki and Mugabe the same

I WOULD like to applaud you on the unbiased reporting that you have perfected so well. You are doing a splendid job. Keep it up!

I’m puzzled by reports attr

ibuted to (South African president) Thabo Mbeki on his stance on Zimbabwe and his recent blocking of a UN resolution on Zimbabwe’s human rights abuses.

This is truly an insult to the Zimbabweans who are crying for help from the South African government.

It’s high time South Africa stopped trivialising issues that impact on us. Mbeki seems not to realise that the poor are suffering the most under Mugabe’s regime.

Zimbabweans should start deciding what is right for themselves and the MDC should stop involving Mbeki as he has proven to be a sellout and an unreliable mediator on the Zimbabwean plight.

He is actually exacerbating our plight instead of pushing for a peaceful resolution. He is one and the same with Mugabe.

Fellow African leaders and their governments must not try to wage a fight with the West at Zimbabweans’ expense.

Mugabe must not continue to take comfort in the support that he gets from those suspicious leaders like Mbeki.

I would urge our opposition to realise that in Mbeki we have another Mugabe and let’s not continue to try and pressurise the South African government to act on the situation.

Edmore Kwaramba,


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