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Lowani’s double standards

IF proof was required to show that Lowani Ndlovu of the Sunday Mail is a confused and ideologically paralysed psychopath, one need not look further than his article “MDC under instruction f

rom West to contest polls”, (Herald, November 28).

Apart from making his usual boring remarks about the MDC being a creation of the West, he exposes his own intellectual ineptitude by suggesting that, instead of fighting for good governance, democracy and the rule of law in Zimbabwe, the MDC should direct its efforts towards fighting HIV/Aids.

He further argues that the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai should use his trips to West Africa and Europe to beg for balance of payments support to “breathe more life into the economy”.

First, Lowani should know that political parties are not formed to look for funds to fight HIV/Aids. There are organisations which deal specifically with such issues. Political parties, Zanu PF included, may indeed have policies that address such issues and other problems affecting their countries, but to try and suggest that a party should direct all its energy towards fighting “real problems” like HIV/Aids is plain inanity.

Secondly, issues of good governance and freedom of speech are not luxuries as he suggests. A government that is well-run is most likely going to allocate resources to where they are needed most — and that includes fighting HIV/Aids.

On the other hand, corrupt and inefficient governments such as those supported by the likes of Lowani, never address people’s concerns. The ministers are more interested in creating personal wealth for themselves — buying many farms and shopping outside the country, while in public they chant “Third Chimurenga” and sing Sendekera mwana wevhu!

In any event, it is even surprising that Lowani is suggesting that Tsvangirai should help source money to help the country, yet only a few weeks ago he was saying the country was on a path to recovery, adding Reserve Bank governor Dr Gideon Gono is doing wonders even without help from the West.

While the usefulness of Tsvangirai’s recent tours to West Africa and Europe could be debated, perhaps Lowani needs to be reminded that Mugabe is not travelling as much as he would have wanted because he is now a persona-non-grata in most of the world.

During his days, Mugabe was a globe-trotting president who used to spend more time abroad. His youthful wife enjoyed to shop at Harrods in London. But then, those were the days!

Hudson Taivo,

Wokingham, UK.

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