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Keep telling like it is

THAT Leonard Zhakata is one of the country’s greatest musicians is unquestionable. What is important is that the musician always strives to speak on behalf of the struggling majority.

ial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>In the song Tasvika on his latest album Udza Vamwe (Spread the message), Zhakata appeals to the Lord to intervene and rescue the suffering.

People, Zhakata says, have been struggling for too long to make ends meet and he asks the Almighty to come to their rescue. He singles out hunger as a major social problem affecting them.

In the song I promise, on the same album, Zhakata tells listeners that his music, which he has named Zora, is about love, peace and harmony, justice and fairness.

I therefore implore all progressive Zimbabweans who stand for peace, justice and fairness to rally behind Zhakata whose 2003 album Hodho did not receive air-play on state radio, except for one love song, as most of the songs were perceived to be politically incorrect.

To Zhakata, I say keep up the good work. Feel free to communicate your thinking without fear. Be courageous. Tell it like it is.

Benjamin Chitate,


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