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RECENT developments within the ruling Zanu PF have compelled me to seek clarification from fellow Zimbabweans.

I probably just do not understand politics as I am

a miner and spend most of my time underground digging wealth for other people.

Zanu PF seems to be an amazing and ironic organisation. Less than four years ago, Ms Sekesai Makwavarara joined forces with the MDC in a bid to unseat President Mugabe’s party from power.

In Mabvuku and Tafara Makwavarara lambasted Zanu PF on a daily basis, sang and danced for the opposition MDC. Morgan Tsvangirai was her hero and prophet, yet she is now the darling of the Zanu PF leadership.

Even Pamela Tungamirai, also from Mabvuku, should be dismayed by the admission of Makwavarara into the high echelons of Zanu PF.

Makwavarara found her way to Harare’s Town House on an MDC ticket and has proved to be a good actress. I wish her well when some film producer discovers her. She abandoned the MDC when she was offered a farm in Raffingora.

When she was campaigning for the MDC, Professor Jonathan Moyo was busy reviving the fortunes of Zanu PF which was on the verge of collapse.

I do not agree with the professor’s views, but he must have worked to revive Zanu PF.

But Zanu PF is an ironic organisation. President Mugabe and his associates unceremoniously dropped the professor from the central committee despite the wishes of the people of Matabeleland North. Yet the wishes of the people of Mabvuku to discard Makwavarara on to the heap of political garbage are ignored.

Come rain or sunshine, Makwavarara will never win a free and fair election in Mabvuku or Raffingora.

During the Zanu PF National People’s Congress, President Mugabe castigated political prostitutes. Who is a political prostitute between Makwavarara and Moyo?

Other Zanu PF central committee members such as Olivia Muchena and Shuvai Mahofa were staunch supporters of Bishop Abel Muzorewa while Dr Nathan Shamuyarira was the Father of Frolizi.

I urge Professor Moyo to abandon Zanu PF because it is composed of all of society’s misfits.

RJ Dube,

Arcturus Mine,


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