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Impartiality is a virtue

PEDDLING of propaganda in recent years has left me asking myself: What really is wrong with our journalists? Is it anything to do with the institutions that train them or politics?

etica, sans-serif”>Why do some journalists resort to peddling propaganda at the slightest provocation?

It becomes sad when we begin to believe the propaganda churned out.

Our media environment is so highly polarised and volatile, prompting me to wonder if it is not possible for both our private and public editors to come together under one umbrella.

Will this coming together of editors be possible taking note of the fact that while some editors produce publications of record, others are producing propaganda to please some circles.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo has moulded the media around his own image. He is the biggest threat to media diversity, pluralism and freedom in this country.

It’s shocking and maddening that a university professor would want to create a country without a free press.

Moyo is a big embarrassment to the local media but at the same time a journalist worth his training has to go beyond the information supplied and scratch beyond the surface.

A journalist is not a secretary. He has to question things to be objective and look at both sides of the story. Impartiality is a virtue.

Milton Njuzu Mandaza,


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