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Death at Zanu PF’s doorstep

THE doom of Zanu PF is now at hand. The 11th hour for President Mugabe’s leadership and his cronies has arrived. Therefore, the citizens of Zimbabwe are not faced with a choice between cand

idates but are faced with a choice of plunging into doom under the incumbent administration, and the possibility that we might not merely survive, but actually do well under the incumbent’s prompt replacement.

The choice of the current evil Mugabe administration is unthinkable for men, women and the younger generation.

Now the task of an activist like myself is not to dazzle with mystification as our too numerous, self-important academic cadre are wont to do, but to educate and enlighten the true leaders and citizens of Zimbabwe.

How did we change from being the bread basket of southern Africa to a corrupt nation like we are today?

The answer to the best of my knowledge lies with us Zimbabweans, if not Mugabe the failure.

I have chosen to kick against the pricks to tell the unpopular truth according to the dictator, but accepted by the citizens.

Mugabe has openly declared his unpopular leadership even in his ailing party. He has personally endorsed Joyce Mujuru as vice-president without the support of his power-hungry cronies like Emmerson Mnangagwa and Jonathan Moyo.

This is sickening. As I know very well, Mujuru is just a window dresser just like the late Simon Muzenda.

It has taken Mugabe years to figure out how he could take over Zimbabwe for the Zezurus and sideline the other tribes especially the Karangas, Ndebeles and Manyikas.

Now he has won the war and it is clear how Mugabe has empowered the Zezuruland far more than any other province in the country.

To distract the people of Zimbabwe from seeing all this, the dictator came up with the land issue as a tactic to divert people’s opposition to his harsh rule. It makes me cry. Mugabe is an evil leader who managed very well to instil evil in Zimbabweans for their own destruction.

The master-servants of the destruction are Moyo who misinformed the country, Joseph Chinotimba and Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi who invaded the soil of Zimbabwe for their personal rewards. Today Moyo is facing the axe from the same regime he helped to kill the country.

Nicholas Nickson Mada,


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