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Confused by Sunday Mail

WHILE reading the Sunday Mail’s account of Andrew Meldrum’s deportation, I came across a statement by an unnamed correspondent: “In February this year, Meldrum also wrote another false story whic

h said a Chinese firm had been contracted by the government to farm 100 000 acres of land in the Lowveld.”

I then made a brief search of the Sunday Mail’s archives, which turned up a story by Munyaradzi Huni published on February 9 this year entitled “Food deal sealed” which went into extensive detail about a deal between the Zimbabwean government and a Chinese company which had been concluded the previous Thursday. The deal involved 100 000 hectares of land in the Nuanetsi area.

This has made me confused.

Are Andrew Meldrum and Munyaradzi Huni the same person?

Eric Goodwin,

Cape Town


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