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Cimas disregards neighbours

I WISH to draw to your attention the shocking attitude of Cimas to the residential community of Milton Park where it is erecting a gigantic concrete edifice completely out of keeping with the are


Rubble from the building site is being dumped all along the perimeter of Rowland Square without any thought for the environment or neighbouring homes. There is no restriction on noise over the weekend as building work begins as soon as the workers arrive, often as early as 7:30am.

When objections were made to this conversion-of-use earlier this year, a Cimas spokesman said additions were being made to the house to provide consulting rooms for the medical aid society.

It would offer no disturbance to the neighbourhood, residents were told. Now a huge double-storey building eclipses the original property.

As well as treating objections from neighbours with contempt, the City Of Harare has failed to fulfill its duty of monitoring construction and doesn’t appear to object to the piles of rubble dumped along the roadside and more recently in the square itself.

Cimas has a duty of corporate responsibility to communities where it operates. It should explain why it has so blatantly ignored that responsibility in Milton Park. We invite the public to see for themselves.

See Mess,

Milton Park, Harare.

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