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Bredenkamp Group not involved

FOLLOWING publication of an article titled “Zanu PF faces split”, (Financial Gazette, November 25), a spokesperson for the Bredenkamp Group hereby puts the record straight:

Helvetica, sans-serif”>“The Bredenkamp Group categorically denies any of the allegations carried in this article. At the time of the incident referred to, the jet owned by the group was being serviced by Comair in South Africa.

In any event, the airstrip in Tsholotsho is unpaved and cannot be used by the group’s jet. Our understanding is that a twin-engined aircraft may have been involved carrying a registration that does not belong to the Bredenkamp Group. Furthermore the group does not operate twin-engined aircraft.

The claim that $7 billion was given by the Bredenkamp Group to support (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s nomination to the vacant vice-president’s post is untrue and absolutely without foundation.”

Patricia McGowan,

Scottlee Holdings (Pvt) Ltd,


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