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Ben Menashe is a political prostitute

I WAS appalled when Ari Ben Menashe claimed recently that he was concerned for Zimbabweans and had to expose Morgan Tsvangirai’s alleged plot to kill President Robert Mugabe.

Being a Zimbabwean who is resident abroad and in touch with Americans and Canadians every day I am not surprised that Ben Menashe managed to swindle money out of the two main political parties in Zimbabwe for probably the same reasons.

Most Americans and Canadians would not do anything for free and for Ben Menashe to say he was helping us is anything but the truth. If he had Zimbabweans at heart, why did he ask for such exorbitant figures which would leave our country bleeding from poverty? Why did he not do it for free if his idea was to help us?

The amounts paid to him and the benefit we derived from them are causes for concern. The nation is now at loggerheads with itself and people are dragging out their daggers ready to fight each other because of a political prostitute who double-crossed us.

Knowing my brothers in Zimbabwe, I am sure we will all fight to get back what Ben Menashe stole from us.

Probably the foreign currency that he was paid will go a long way in alleviating the problem of fuel.

The Bible talks much about the dangers of a person who is double-minded and our dear Canadian brother is such and dealing with him has left us divided as Zimbabweans. I am not sure who really was the true husband of Ben Menashe. Zanu PF is saying he was their agent and MDC is saying he was theirs.

Ben Menashe was simply playing political prostitution for the sake of money and if we are not careful he is going to demand more and milk our country dry. Ipfambi yemakoko saka ngatiingwarirei.

Let’s fight for our own freedom and not be led by greedy fellows like Ben Menashe whose minds are obsessed with the dollar sign. Let’s wake up brothers and sisters and guard against capitalistic characters of Ben Menashe’s calibre lest another prostitute comes by to entice us.

Baba Ngwarai,

Indianapolis, US.

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