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Alliance essential to dislodge Zanu PF

THE Editor’s Memo “Giving Zanu PF deadly ammunition” and George Ayittey’s article “Protest marches against Mugabe a waste of time”, (Zimbabwe Independent, September 29) were spot on.

The report by the commissio

n of inquiry on the Morgan Tsvangirayi-led MDC faction leaves one convinced that this faction has a porous and brusque leadership that lacks organisational capabilities and by inference, is incapable of effectively articulating and implementing policy issues internally.

It again leaves no doubt that what has been said by the Arthur Mutambara-led MDC about the former faction’s disregard of the MDC’s founding principles and its inclination to violence is true.

If we take this faction’s view of CIO infiltration, it gets even more embarrassing as it becomes apparent that it was easier for the CIO to infiltrate them as they both have in common a characteristic of thuggery.

In Harare for example, most of us voted for the MDC not because we knew the characters of the people, but because the MDC was the only alternative to Zanu PF. This won’t be the case in future elections as it is critical for us to examine the leadership qualities of the people who will be tasked with governing us.

Tsvangirai cannot escape blame for the decadence in his party, especially when it is reported that he has in the past protected violent hooligans in his party.

One can easily trace the ZCTU’s leadership to the Tsvangirai-led MDC. While I appreciate the intention of its recent protest and denounce the methods used to suppress it, a stark lack of craftiness and intelligent leadership was apparent.

It was obvious from the start that the protest was going to flop. Physical confrontation by only a handful of ZCTU members with the regime’s police or army was stupid as has been proven in the past.

More energy and focus should be directed towards penetrating and winning voters in Zanu PF’s strongholds or consolidation in areas where Zanu PF is weaker.

Ultimately, an alliance of the two MDCs is better positioned to remove the tyranny from power through the ballot if such an alliance succeeds in harnessing the potential strengths in each individual faction.

Tsvangirai should provide the qualities of tenacity and a fairly established grassroots support base while Mutambara, a formidable attack-minded strategist, should bring in craftiness, intellectual capacity and organisational skills.

The alliance should be led by someone with shrewd leadership qualities and intellectual capacity — in short, a capable strategist, to effectively provide the tactical options and strategic direction required to outmanoeuvre the Zanu PF regime.

Tawanda Sahayi,


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