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Zanu PF’s message to the electorate

THE Zimbabwean electorate and the MDC can now rest assured that Zanu PF members of parliament do not want any leniency when a new government comes into power.

“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>In sentencing MDC legislator Roy Bennett to such a harsh prison term for a small misdemeanour, they have told us that they expect very heavy penalties for just supporting the system.

Obviously those actively engaged in corruption or violence deserve terms of imprisonment with labour for life.

The other message from the MPs is that they are not interested in dialogue to find a peaceful resolution to our political impasse. The only peaceful avenue left to the MDC and the electorate who have been abused is to now take individuals, including the president, to the International Court of Justice and the AU Court of Human Rights.

We also can now expect the United Nations and the AU to get actively involved in our quest for peace.

What a sad day for Zimbabwe that we have shown the world such political immaturity and vindictiveness.



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