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Why don’t we pay heed?

One would think that with all the awareness we have on Aids, we would have by now eradicated it. Why are people not listening?

Most of us have not come to realise

that Aids does not discriminate. We still think subconsciously that because we are a class higher, use condoms (condoms have a failure rate of 17-20% last time I checked), or sleep with “clean” partners (you can contract Aids the first time you have sex and anyone who is sexually active is at risk without the security of a stable marriage) we are immune to Aids.

If only you knew how many people thought they would never contract it and are six feet under right now, maybe you would think twice.

No one ever thinks they will contract it. There are many myths surrounding HIV/Aids, such as if you are HIV-positive and you sleep with a virgin you will be cured. The saddest thing is that people believe them because there is no one telling them otherwise.

It is also hard to get information on Aids without someone suspecting he/she has contracted it or someone they know has.

For a 14-year-old girl like me living in a small town, it is practically impossible to do without turning heads. I think this is one of the main factors contributing to the spread of the disease and the reason why we fall for the myths we hear.

G Gumbo,


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