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Which Mbeki did Mandela mean?

MOELETSI Mbeki, chairperson of the South African Institute of International Affairs and brother of President Thabo Mbeki was reported in the Mercury (SA) of September 22 as saying recently at a meeting of that body:

l While China had lifted more than 400 000 people above the poverty line in the past 20 years, Nigeria had pushed more than 90 million people below that poverty line. The average African is poorer (now) than during the age of colonialism,

l On Zimbabwe, he said: South Africa should intervene on the side of democracy and not back Zanu PF.

“Our intervention should be to support democracy and not tolerate use of violence, torture and rigging of elections and, if necessary, we should support the opposition,” he said.

Is there any chance Nelson Mandela could have been confused as to which Mbeki brother he meant when he chose his successor as incoming South African president?

PNR Silversides,


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