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Turn the screws harder on despots

WEDNESDAY November 3 marked a gloomy day for Zanu PF and its legion of “analysts” who have been in a celebratory mood all year anticipating US President George Bush’s loss in the recently held American elections.

Believe me, the likes of Nathaniel Manheru aka Lowani Ndlovu had already pencilled paragraphs of obscene and hate-filled columns in the Herald and Sunday Mail, not forgetting of course Tafataona Mahoso!

The chief propagandist in the form of the pot-bellied Reuben Barwe was already geared to hit the streets of Harare conducting the dubious “street surveys”.

To cap it all, Newsnet, or is it “LiesNet”, would have paraded its usual line-up of “analysts” delighted that “democracy has prevailed” in America and waffling endlessly, but in the end saying very little.

Congratulations to Bush and keep up your work on turning the screws on the despots of this world. Turn them even harder in your second-term!



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