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Tell us where the money is going

I LEARNED that Zesa has already increased the electricity tariffs by 18,9% citing the increased cost of postage as the reason: “Zesa hikes electricity tariffs”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 8).

na, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>May I point out to Zesa corporate affairs manager Obert Nyatanga that in Bulawayo there have been no accounts or receipts posted by Zesa to consumers for the last two months.

We are required by Zesa to pay for telephone calls to them to ascertain the charges due and to make payment before the due dates (which we are unaware of) if we wish to avoid having our supplies cut off.

In fact, we are normally told through the telephone that we should pay the same amount as charged on the previous account. The last time my meter reading was recorded was during a winter month when consumption was high. I made my own reading and am now being required to pay for considerably more units than I have actually consumed.

As a modest household consumer, the 18,9% increase amounts to approximately $6 500 – which is more than the cost of a stamp. I suspect the large industrial consumers are paying for many sheets of stamps with their 18,9% increase. Could we have another explanation from Nyatanga as to where this money is going?

Concerned Consumer,


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