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Tax the rank marshals

THE acts of rank marshals or hwindis surely deserve to be put under scrutiny owing to the hardships they have visited on innocent commuters.

They overcharge for t

he little service they offer to the bus operators and indigenous truck operators. It is clear that they benefit more at the expense of the operators.

Rank marshalls’ benefits range from charging the driver and the passenger a certain amount for loading the parcel onto the bus to theft of passengers’ assets.

Through my investigations, I have established that 90% of the passengers no longer need their unsolicited services.

Drivers who ply the Pumula Old/Luveve route find it difficult to go about their business because of these vultures. How can they expect a minimum of $4 000 from a truck which has a capacity for only six passengers?

That’s eating into the driver’s profits. Considering that the driver needs to service the truck regularly, this means he won’t be able to break even.

In a bid to get rid of the menace that the hwindis have become, I suggest that the Acting Finance minister introduces a tax for hwindis in his budget.

In this case it would mean that for a person to qualify as a hwindi, he should have the proof of identity first. Thereafter, every driver must keep a record of any payouts to hwindis, signed for indicating the name, address and ID number of these hwindis for audit purposes.

Failure by hwindis to comply with the fiscal policy would mean the driver will not be entitled to make any payment.

What is so disheartening is that hwindis get more income as compared to some employees working full-time for some big companies who are taxed to death. In contrast hwindis, chief culprits in threatening economic growth, are not even paying PAYE!

I believe taxation and imprisoning hwindis are the only solutions for eliminating their role in society. After reading this article we should all start to come up with strategies to overcome these hwindis.

Brian Shiridzinomwa,

Pumula South, Bulawayo

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