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Scribe’s height of absurdity

LAWRENCE Moyo’s recent aggressive article in the Herald regarding the country’s cricketing woes is the height of absurdity.

Entitled “It’s

time for rebels to shut up”, it merely continues the trend of farcical and far-fetched reporting that the Herald has become so notorious for.

Moyo is so obviously just another puppet on a string for the Zimbabwe Cricket Union as his strong views are ill-informed and Walter Mitty in character.

He brazenly states that rebel Stuart Carlisle does not deserve a place in the team today ahead of such talent as Stuart Matsikenyeri, Dion Ebrahim and Tatenda Taibu. Happily, the litmus test of cricket is in the statistics that expose his views as hypocritical and shameful.

Had he taken the trouble to research the records, as decent cricketing scribes do, he would have discovered that over the past 18 months that reflect current form, Carlisle’s Zimbabwe average of the high 40s is far superior to those of the three players he claims to be more talented.

Indeed, collectively all three together might struggle to surpass Carlisle’s average.

It is a fact that seven of the last 12 centuries scored by a Zimbabwe batsman in first class tour, Test and one day international (ODI) matches have been notched up by Carlisle. The other five tons have gone to other so-called rebels. The century tally in that time for Matsikenyeri, Taibu and Ebrahim in between them is zero.

Carlisle and his rejected colleagues have not played since April, so who knows how many more hundreds they might have scored if they had been playing?

We Zimbabwean cricket supporters deserve the best team to fly our flag, not the under-performing current squad that is damaging our credibility in the international arena.

Fidelis Ndhlovu, Keen Cricket Fan and Statistician,


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