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RBZ should name and shame

THE lead story “US$12m fuel funds diverted”, (Herald, November 15) was incomplete as it did not name the companies involved in diverting the foreign currency meant for procurement of fuel.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>However, it is not surprising that the names of the concerned companies were left out as it is a known fact that the political heavyweights in Zanu PF run most of these companies.

I am sure if a white-owned company had been involved, the whole world would have been told stories of white Zimbabweans sabotaging government’s efforts to revamp the economy.

Most Zimbabweans will remember how President Robert Mugabe lied about the British diverting Zimbabwean-bound ships carrying fuel during the run-up to the 2000 parliamentary election when no such thing ever happened.

If the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is not in a position to disclose the names of the companies abusing their foreign currency allocations for obvious political reasons, then all its efforts to resuscitate the economy will fail to achieve the desired results.

The only solution will be for Zimbabweans to vote out of parliament a party which does not practise what it preaches, come 2005 parliamentary election.

Benjamin Chitate,


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