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Only Hogg can save the day

I SALUTE Vince Hogg, ex-managing director of the Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU), who has emerged with some strong accusations of racism in the on-going debacle between the ZCU and its players.

rial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>This is the strength of character to be admired because he well knows the pressure and intimidation it may subject him to.

How will the hopeless ZCU officials debunk Hogg’s evidence to the International Cricket Council (ICC)?

His word as one who was present in the meetings as a top man of the ZCU will carry great credibility.

He is also the only one in the entire ZCU hierarchy who played cricket at national level and understands the game well.

Hogg can single-handedly save the day for Zimbabwe cricket. And it looks like he has the guts to do that. Bravo Vince!

ARJ Butcher,


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