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Magora promoting lies, deception

DENFORD Magora has once more shown his true colours. In his most recent letter he deliberately denigrates Zimbabweans and proceeds to heap even more of his usual insults on our helpless people.

, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>He masquerades as a proponent of regime change and an opponent of Zanu PF, but the views he seems to regurgitate in his writings give us every reason to be suspicious of him.

I am convinced that Magora’s agenda is to promote lies and deception on behalf of Zanu PF.

He has the audacity to question our courage against a sea of troubles facing us and I bet he is afraid to confront Zanu PF.

Instead he hides under their petticoat by sweet coating all the evils this party has perpetrated in the last 25 years.

How can Magora, with his intellect, mistake truth for fiction? Or is he just too naive or perhaps too afraid to tell Zimbabweans that it is Zanu PF who are responsible for mismanaging this country?

How can he, in his twisted thinking, expect the electorate to be accountable to the government? Is it not stupid to make such an assertion? Why turn the tables around, Mr Magora? Perhaps it fits well with your warped perceptions of democracy?

Unlike the privileged political elite which I am convinced Magora is part of, the vast majority of our people have every reason to be despondent.

What has Zanu PF done for us except bring untold misery? Do we have any choice Mr Magora? How can you be so naive to apportion direct blame on the majority of our people who are basically helpless?

We are forced to live on with the multitude of grievances that Zanu PF has afflicted us with. We are merely victims of a vicious system created by devils. Perhaps this is where Magora gets his real inspiration from and also his security.

Exiled Zimbabwean,

California, USA.

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