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Jonathan Moyo lacks human decency

Information minister Jonathan Moyo’s comments that the MDC will not be afforded access to the media is further evidence of the regime’s determination to hold elections in conditions that deny the people of Zimbabwe a free and fair electio


The people of Zimbabwe and the Sadc region are agreed that there is need for access to information by all citizens. There must also be access to all media and the diversity of voices so that people can speak for themselves and hear their concerns being articulated in the media.

The people of Zimbabwe need food and jobs. They need to speak about their anxieties and future. According to Moyo, things are improving in Zimbabwe; people have enough food and jobs. Stories of people who go hungry everyday and the young who do not have jobs do not matter. These things are an invention of the enemy.

What matters to Moyo and the Mugabe regime is to blow billions of dollars on galas that promote Moyo’s image, music and dance on national television.

Obviously, Moyo and the Mugabe regime in their alliance of evil are very afraid of the truth. People must not know that there is no food in Zimbabwe. People must not know the number of companies that have closed down resulting in millions of jobs being lost under the Zanu PF regime. People must not know that while they starve, Moyo shops for food in South Africa and tells the nation that the country has enough food.

In Moyo’s narrow-minded logic, the people of Zimbabwe must only have full access to information which he himself deems appropriate. Moyo is furious that opposition parties in Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia have not gone on regional tours lobbying for the Sadc guidelines and standards to be implemented in their countries.

The answer is plain and simple. All other Sadc countries have gone a long way in implementing them (Sadc electoral guidelines) while the Zimbabwe regime continues to go against the tide – closing newspapers, banning campaign meetings and promoting violence.

We do not expect an unelected minister to appreciate the need for a free and fair electoral environment.

People like Moyo who represent only the mandate given to them by Mugabe are at the forefront in the fight against the wishes of the people.

As Moyo gives himself saturation coverage in state media he must ask himself whether he is the only person who has something to say about Zimbabwe. Excessive self-promotion goes with lack of basic human decency.

Zimbabwe needs a new beginning that will create jobs and food. The MDC’s Restart programme is the answer to the people’s wishes.

Paul Themba Nyathi,

MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity.

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