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I APPRECIATE your columnist Eric Bloch’s response to my request that he tackles the subject of the need for regime change as a necessary precondition before any meaningful economic recovery can take place.

ace=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>It is however unfortunate that he saw it fit to personalise our disagreements, suggesting that I “despise” him, have “contempt” for him and his views, and that my “rigid, fixed pre-conceptions against him” will render “meaningless” any response by him to my own criticisms.

No, Mr Bloch, when you state of me that “he will allow his contempt for me and that which I write to blind him, on any issues upon which we agree, for to do so would deprive him of the opportunity to launch yet another diatribe against me”, you are wrong.

For the record, my contempt is reserved for those who are actively participating in the destruction of Zimbabwe and I believe that we agree on who is responsible for this ongoing destruction.

You claim that “one of the principal motivations” for writing your weekly column “is to provoke and promote dialogue”. I am one of those who is so provoked – why then should you be so antagonistic to someone who sometimes takes issue with you? As you rightly say: “None can know it all.”

On other occasions I have criticised Bloch’s condemnation of the mass stayaways and his involvement in, and defence of, the auction system and its associated “Homelink” scheme. I asked whether he really believed that Zimbabwe is now operating an honest, transparent and open foreign currency exchange system?

I have sometimes reminded him that the Zimbabwean crisis, and thus the need for decisive peaceful action to remove this evil regime, is much more than just an economic crisis.

Whatever one’s academic or personal background if, in the context of Zimbabwe, one does not put issues of human rights and fundamental personal freedoms high on the agenda, then I am always likely to take issue with them in terms of their priorities – even economists.

RES Cook,


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