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Flower for the hero

SINCE certain Zanu PF cadres have suddenly become “owners” of vast flower and horticultural enterprises that create products the European Union loves to absorb without shame or investigation, perhaps the local supporters should empower an

d endear themselves to the opportunity of producing a unique flower that may be symbolic of the present Zimbabwe.

Diligent and siphoning heroes should immediately grow the emblematic plant species Amorphophallus Titanium out of appropriate esteem to their hero.

With successive generations seeing and smelling this plant, eternal remembrances will be afforded to the main hero. Perhaps it should be indigenously renamed Suboidal Buggus with due reverence to a truly unique local species of humanity.

To eternally remind the Zimbabwean nation of its imposed heritage, thousands of these plants should be extensively planted around the Heroes Acre in anticipation.

Walter Hurley,


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