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Come on cowards of the West!

“THE (International) Bar Council noted that after the imposition of the sentence, Bennett’s place of imprisonment was not revealed to his legal representatives. When they did locate him, they found that Bennett, a family man, had be

en stripped and clothed in a soiled prison garment that exposed his genitalia and buttocks”, the statement said.

“The Bar Council and the committee (the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales, the international lawyers’ organisation) deplore such flagrant and degrading treatment of a prisoner…” (Zimbabwe Independent, November 12).

“The last time he was detained in Zimbabwe (Gabriel Shumba, human rights lawyer) he was with a client… when security officers with snarling dogs burst into the room. During his three days in detention he was hung upside down and beaten with cables, bound in the fetal position, left to suffocate in a nylon bag, and subjected to electric shocks for nine hours. He was photographed naked and writhing in pain”, (Globe and Mail, November 4).

“In a statement… South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said: It is a situation where we cannot stand by watching a tragedy unfold without becoming complicit through our apathy”, Reuter, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 23).

Come on, Koffi Annan, Paul Berenger, the United Nations, Sadc, the United States, Britain. Forget the Pope, we know he’s not interested.

Forget Thabo Mbeki, we know which side he supports. When will you cowards of the Western World and Africa have the guts to do more than just say “tut-tut” and “Deary, deary me?” Free and fair elections in March? Fat chance.

PNR Silversides,


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