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Zesa jingle an irritating insult

IMAGINE it is five minutes to 8 o’clock in the evening and you have just arrived from work.

Tired, hungry and in the midst of your cooking, electricity supplies a

re cut off.

You quickly light your candle and resort to your paraffin stove and continue cooking.

You also switch on your battery radio and just before Newshour you hear the Zesa yauya zvine power jingle. So irritated will you be I am certain, that you wish you could kick the radio to stop the song.

With the blackouts we experience now and again, and with several unelectrified places countrywide, shouldn’t it be Zesa yaenda nemagetsi?

Zesa has gone down the drain with the incessant blackouts leaving the country in the dark.

Luxon Ekeni Maposa,


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