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Why Air Zim is losing out

I READ online the story “Air Zim workers nabbed for human trafficking” (Standard, July 25) and want to highlight why the airline is making huge losses.

There are

so many people who left Air Zim ages ago who are still benefiting from the free travel scheme. In a month one would make about 10 trips to the UK on a free ticket and even take along the whole clan of relatives.

How can they make profits? Now these guys are tired of travelling for free – what do they do? Start small businesses with the airline’s free schemes.

Some top guys have their own couriers who travel to the UK, Dubai, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa, to name but a few destinations, to do private business at the expense of the airline.

When is this going to end? It’s time the press in Zimbabwe exposed such acts like they do in international papers.

Gatwick Airport terminal is now like Mbare Musika with touts chasing people with huge luggage for a fee. These guys are from Air Zimbabwe and charge fees ranging from £310 to £3 100 and I wonder if they are allowed excess bags other than the 32kg standard weight for Air Zimbabwe.

We have another big scandal that the press should also investigate – the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) licences.

We know of places that are selling these here in the UK and they come from home via these Air Zim “couriers” while the smart ones use DHL.

I wonder how rich these guys back home are. It now costs £3 400 to get a driver’s licence from home which the UK DVLA does not recognise.

David Kavayi,


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