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Under such masters you’re getting nowhere, Gideon

MY million dollar question to you Gideon Gono is: who are you fooling?

The day you are going to step out of 80 Samora Machel Avenue, you will be a miserable man o

n earth.

It’s sad to note that you have joined the bandwagon of liars masquerading as government officials.

My view on your economic approach might be wrong, but considering the composition of the people you are working with, I think yours is bush economics. Maybe you can best explain this to me.

Since the day you entered the Reserve Bank the prices of almost everything have gone up yet you claim inflation is going down on a monthly basis.

Yes, I do understand that strategic plans are long-term policies, much of your desired results might start showing after some time – say two, or three years or so.

But if you claim inflation has declined today that’s a fallacy Gideon. It will be unfair to continue respecting you as a born-again Christian if you keep on telling us these lies.

I don’t see the difference between you and Agriculture minister Joseph Made who is telling us that there is enough harvest for the country yet government is clandestinely importing maize.

Yes Gideon, everything is worth trying but looking at the people you are working with, your labour will be in vain.

Remember the main problem in Zimbabwe is the crisis of governance. It is the power-hungry leaders who sacrificed the economy for the sake of staying in power and you are now asked to correct that.

As long as your masters are the same, the plain truth is you won’t get anywhere.

If your office saw it as feasible to buy farm equipment from white farmers and for whatever reason the presidential powers said no to that, where are you going Gideon?

Where were you when our parents, children and spouses who are outside the country were labelled cowards? Is it you who is now misusing taxpayers’ money printing T-shirts in the name of the Homelink campaign, travelling to the USA, UK, SA and putting up in expensive hotels? Now you are trying to be polite, refraining from calling them cowards preferring Zimbabweans in the diaspora!

For your own information, as if you didn’t know already, Homelink can only best work alongside an exporting economy.

The Homelink policy worked in Germany after the Second World War because the Germans sang the nation-building chorus in unison.

Looking at the divide-and-conquer rule your masters are using on the masses of Zimbabwe, please forget about achieving anything.

As for the IMF, be careful you might expose yourself. Don’t forget that IMF membership is at national level.

In Washington DC you presented your monetary policy as a central bank governor which was good but what does the national (Zimbabwean) policy on the economy say?

Does it tally with yours at any point or you want to draw the same graph but with different vertices?

Gideon, the reasons why people did not rally behind you shouting “Here comes our economic Messiah” are your masters.

Please stop fooling yourself because you are going to be the most disappointed person under the sun.

Even St Paul wrote to the Romans saying all things work together for good yet you are alone in the wilderness.

At least allow me to praise you for some of your sweat. You did manage to control the weekly price increases of basic commodities. Remember, I said weekly, but the prices are still going up.

Jefferson Chinodya,


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