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The desperate compose the tune

FOR some time, government officials have made public statements that only serve to expose their ignorance of the role of the media in a democratic dispensation.


n an attempt to control information reaching the Zimbabwean public and the outside world, they have imposed severe controls on independent publishing and broadcasting. For example, they require that they have a free hour per week to broadcast their viewpoints including playing Sendekera adverts.

They forget that the media they control belong to the people of Zimbabwe, regardless of colour, race, political or religious group.

That Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings and Zimpapers have failed to live up to these simple expectations is not the problem of the Zimbabwe Independent and the Standard nor the Media Monitoring Project.

Individuals like Lowani Ndlovu should be reminded that even if the povo (through their hard-earned taxes) may pay the piper – the tune is composed and played by those desperate to shape political opinion. In the process, ethics and moral principles are ignored to the detriment of the public’s right to balanced and fair information.

In their flimsy attempts to defend their actions, the architects of the disempowerment movement have sought to repeat their unfair wishes, hoping that one day they will miraculously become facts.

Small wonder the recent judgement ordering multi-millionnaire Information minister Jonathan Moyo and poor Zimpapers to compensate the Daily News left them naked!



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