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Taken for a ride, and tired

FIRST of all, I would like to thank you guys for such a wonderful paper. Keep it up!

Look at how even the likes of Zimpapers columnists Nathaniel Manheru, Lowani

Ndlovu and Mzala Joe acknowledge in their own own special scatalogical way that you are visible.

I note that in your editor’s memo “The big lie” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 27) you wrote about the big lie stratagem that Zanu PF is employing to fool the world. You could not have been more accurate!

Ever since then I have been making a note of all the big lies that we are subjected to day-in-day-out by the government, through the Herald and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings. What is happening to the government’s “anti-corruption drive?”

I note with concern that it seems to be losing steam even before it has taken off.

Look at the number of acquittals that have taken place in the past two weeks: Philip Chiyangwa, James Makamba, Zupco’s Bright Matonga and Chegutu deputy mayor Phineas Mariyapera. They have all been set free in the pretext that the state had no evidence to nail them – like in the Makamba case – even when the accused has pleaded guilty!

Mariyapera, according to the paper, was freed despite a “damning audit report produced by a government-appointed taksforce”. What is happening here?!

I think that the anti-corruption drive was just what they said it was – a lazy drive around town and nothing else! These guys were just taking us for a ride – not that we didn’t know anyway!

I would like to tell the ENG guy and the bankers who left the country to return home because surely they will be acquitted of all the charges if they buy the correct party cards!



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