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Real unity goes beyond shaking hands

I AM shocked by the amount of idiocy and stupidity which is flaunted in articles published in the opinion columns of the Herald newspaper.

This is where the paper

derives its editorial comments and articles which it attributes to different “analysts”. Some call themselves the Ceaser Zvayis, William Nharas, Nathaniel Manherus, Tafataona Mahosos, the God-has-gone-to-sleep guy called Claude Maredza and recently one going by the name Well Wisher.

Such insults on people’s intelligence need to be curtailed at all cost.

As much as some may want Zanu PF, I do not think they subscribe to immature comments and articles from these columnists.

Another writer called WT Kanyongo in the USA who thinks acting Harare mayor Sekesai Makwavarara is principled while MDC MP Roy Bennett is a racist, also adds venom to our minds. This man should go and talk to the Chimanimani people to verify if Bennett is a racist.

If Makwavarara is principled as she wants us to believe, she should relinquish the seat she won on an MDC ticket and contest as a Zanu PF cadre. It’s amazing how she thinks MDC councillors should have been principled by not resigning. Actually if they had stayed on at Town House it would have been apparent that they are not principled because Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo is literally running council affairs. Let Makwavarara be a mayor of six confused councillors.

Those who have read these columnists’ articles will agree that some people have taken Herald House as a circus for childish games. The unfortunate thing is they believe they are advancing a point.

I know Information minister Jonathan Moyo laughs at himself when he looks in the mirror because he knows what he says is unbelievable. Unfortunately, he has taken with him the Nharas, Mahosos, Zvayis and Maredzas, who blindly follow him.

A normal person would never celebrate the boycott of elections by any party. We should be worried and take stock of really where we are going and how we are doing to make this country a free zone of ideas and divergent views.

Americans are united – whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Not so with most of us Africans.

It is not the problem of the ruled but the rulers who do not create a culture of belonging. To them unity is joining the ruling party, period. This is why they kill, torture, strike fear in your heart, create militias, promulgate oppressive laws, curtail your movements and continuously remind you of the colonial brutality and their misnamed liberation wars yet they were wars to acquire power for themselves and not to free the people.

They think freedom is being able to walk in First Street and drink in the Monomatapa Crown Plaza. This is to make your heart tremble and pray to them for your daily survival.

You are fooled to raid farms which you are subsequently denied access to but availed to some minister’s aunt. You brave the rains and mosquitoes in Mazowe valley for the land and suddenly you become a squatter there. When you cry in the wilderness, a party card is dangled in your face to get food, antiretroviral drugs, to be admitted to college, attended to by the police, treated at hospitals and to get a job.

Imagine 83% in Zimbabwe are living in fear yet we are told 49% of them trust President Robert Mugabe.

When I queried the price of a PVC pipe at Machipisa shopping centre, I was threatened in the name of Zanu PF. I had to scrounge around to raise the shortfall especially after recalling an incident in which a villager from Nyahunda, Bikita, had a steel rod forced through his ears. This is the Zimbabwe which lies about unity and has pseudo-analysts falling over each other to praise the current establishment.

Where is freedom of assembly when I have to seek permission from the police to assemble? Where is unhindered access to the media when a minister asks editors to go bonkers when reporting on the MDC? Where is the free access to the voters’ roll? What are Aippa and Posa still doing in our statute books?

I cannot express myself via a demonstration because of the heavy-handedness of the government institutions, yet these analysts shout themselves hoarse when 10 people demonstrate against British premier Tony Blair.

Why do we still have militia bases around the country as if we are at war? Ask Tony Leon and President Thabo Mbeki. When it comes to South Africa, they always agree but when it comes to a rogue regime across the Limpopo, they differ. Mbeki though will not call Leon a racist, neither can he be told his fathers were thieves. This is unity, not the shaking of hands of the late Joshua Nkomo and President Mugabe – the vanquished and the conqueror, but the unity of fellow countrymen.

Togetherness means accepting divergent views.

Unity is not the Zanu PF/PF Zapu merger, the shaking of hands and the music galas. It is our deeds, our freedom, our laws, our perception, our judiciary system and our respect for each other.

Trevor Ryan Mashayamombe,


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